• Rudy Benavidez, Owner

    My name is Rudy Benavidez and ARBITSOLUTIONS is my side-business. I am not here to give off the perception that I am a large company. I am here to provide resources to my current and potential clients to help them resolve their IT issues. I am currently employed full-time by one of the largest employers in Eagle Pass, TX and this occupies my time from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Most of my clients have no problems with this as it does not interfere with their day to day operations.

     ARBITSOLUTIONS focuses on the home and small business market. I am available to support my clients during those hours that most other businesses either don't support or charge an arm and a leg to handle. I am available to you during evening and weekend hours.  Think of the benefits: no more taking off work to meet the technician, no more paying extra to have a technician work after your normal closing hours when they charge a premium.

  • I have a BS in Computer Science and am an experienced, certified IT professional with over 13 years of employment in the IT field. I have experience ranging from programming, help desk, web design, hands-on desktop support, network and server administration as well as experience managing VOIP, and Exchange applications. My strength is with AMD/Intel based Microsoft PCs and servers. My knowledge goes all the way back to the DOS days and you'd be surprised at how much that experience is still applicable today especially when finding new ways of fighting viruses and removing all types of spyware and adware that the "Spyware Remover" programs just can't handle. You can rest assured that I have more than likely seen the issue you are having or know how to locate the resources necessary to solve the problem. My solution never involves the popular IT saying "We'll TRY to backup your data!", then turn around and insert the recovery CDs and wipe your PC back to the day it left the factory.

  • Thank you for stopping by my site. Please let me extend my assistance to you for any of your IT needs. Take a moment to browse the site to get a better feel for the numerous areas in which I can help you and do not hesitate to contact me.